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A Christmas Carol
Show dates are: Nov. 15 to 18, 2018

Required Cast


Narrator (can be any age or gender)
Ghost of Christmas' Past
Ghost of Christmas Present
Ghost of Christmas' to Come (can be any age or gender - non-speaking)
Ghost of Jacob Marley
Bob Cratchit
Caroline's Husband
Mr. Fezziwig (acting and dancing)
Businessman 1
Businessman 2
Businessman 3
Gentleman 1
Gentleman 2
Old Joe

Young men:

Peter Cratchit
Fred (Scrooge's Nephew)
Topper (Fred's Friend)
Scrooge (20-38)
Scrooge (18-22)
Suitor 1(dancing role)
Suitor 2 (dancing role)
Suitor 3 (dancing role)

Roles for Boys:

Peter Cratchit
Tiny Tim Cratchit
Scrooge (as a boy)
Orsen (his friend at school)
Valentine (his friend at school)
Ignorance (very small child)
Boy singing (needs to sing alone onstage)
Boy with turkey on Christmas morn


Mrs. Cratchit
Mrs. Fezziwig (acting & dancing)
Undertaker's Woman

Young women:

Martha Cratchit
Fred's wife
Sister (who hopes to court Topper)
Belle (20-38)
Belle (16-22)
Fan (Scrooge's sister)
Daughter 1 (dancing role)
Daughter 2 (dancing role)
Daughter 3 (dancing role)

Roles for Girls:

Miranda Cratchit
Gillian Cratchit
Belinda Cratchit
Want (very small child - non speaking role)